Diane Thomson

Helping to Build a Better Community!

Diane has  been involved with her community in various ways, for many years.   You can find her decorating an event for a number of charitable causes; sitting on a steering committee planning an event or Emceeing/Hosting an event. 

A seasoned Emcee/Host she has served as Emcee for Vancouver Jazz Festival for 10 years and the Asia Pacific Festival.  As a on-air spokesperson she has raised funds for Public Television, SickKids Foundation, and Ovarian Cancer.  For the past ten plus years Diane has been the Emcee for  Mayfair  taking place annually in Rosedale Park.

Diane has been a large part of the Holly Berry Fair Rosedale for the past 17 years, and sits on the Steering Committee, being responsible for a number of portfolios. 

Diane teaches in the GTA.  For a list of classes and where she is currently teaching please email


“Diane is a detail-oriented, hard-working, extraordinarily committed and highly creative thinker. Her problem solving skills are such that I've personally seen her sway government officials to create provisions, if not policies, where previously none had existed. As an entrepreneur, her sucess can be measured by her having, on her own initiative, taken a community ballet program with next-to-zero attendance and within five years building it into the largest program of its kind in the entire GTA, today with over 300 participants. She is a born leader who easily corrals volunteers to be part of her creative, not-for-profit, team. She works with children, which in itself is a challenge, and is able to get them to perform to standards worthy of the National Ballet School of Canada where, not coincidentally, she has placed at least a dozen children in the Young Assosiates program, all of them personally trained by her through the City of Toronto. I am a professional dance critic, and I personally have hired Diane to coach my own daughter for several years running. I am happy to reccommend her services.

Deirdre Kelly” June 4, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Diane has been a valuable member of the Holly Berry Fair committee. She has lent her considerable marketing and communications skills to promote the Fair. She was also in charge of extensive decorations through out the building in support of the Fair and the Christmas season. Over the two years that I have co-Chaired the Fair and Diane has been in charge of marketing, communications and decorations we have had excellent results. Large crowds and record sales.” January 30, 2012

Bob Duncanson, Co Chair Holly Berry Fair, Rosedale United Church

“Diane is a valued member of the organizing team at Mayair in Rosedale Park. She has been the familiar voice of Mayfair announcements since 2004. Diane has also applied her skills and initiative to publicity and sponsorships. Her work in all these areas has been productive and focused. Diane's infectious enthusiasm has been a great asset!” February 23, 2011

Joanne Pauli, Chair, Mayfair in Rosedale Park