About: Virtually Human Technologies Inc.  est. 1985

Virtually Human Technologies was founded in 1985 to bring forward human simulation research work completed by Diane and her team.  The Company was formally incorporated in 2001.

The technology specializes in simulation of the human body and bi-pedal movement.  The technology was developed from dance, and is a 'high level' engine.  Projects created from this technology include educational, multimedia, television, film and gaming applications.

Clients include multinational corporations, Broadcasters and partnerships with award winning International Companies.

Whether your project be large or small  let us help you create a cost effective forward thinking end result.

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“Diane did excellent, very creative work for us during my tenure as the CTO at Thomson Learning. She is a very innovative person.

Carl Urbaniai” October 3, 2011

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

“For a period of time Diane and I considered some interactive game-like projects which would involve her interest in interactive media and dance. At the time the technology didn't really exist to do what we considered. Diane was a head of her time. Diane is easy to work with and highly creative and has the ability to think out side the box in terms of creativity and artistic design.” March 14, 2011

Thom Gillespie,  Former Director of Mime, Indiana University

was with another company when working with Diane at Virtually Human Technologies Inc